See what our clients have to say about their experience with Doble and Son:

“Debra and I wanted to say thanks for doing such a wonderful job on our home in Golden Eagle We love it! Doble & Son went way above and beyond in taking care of us and we wanted to take this opportunity to express our deep and sincere appreciation. It is a leap of faith to hire any general contractor to handle what is often the largest personal project in ones lifetime. And, you know we did our homework in selecting you. However, after going through the process, it was a decision we have congratulated ourselves on frequently. Paul, you have simply made the process of house building as painless as it could possibly be. Among the many virtues we have appreciated is: your honesty and integrity; your commitment to quality — the many times you went the extra mile to get things right, to please us, or to meet the highest construction standards; your constant presence on the job and involvement in every aspect of the construction; the way you communicated with us on important details, design issue, and handled the few problems that did arise; your commitment to keeping the costs down and staying within the budget, despite our efforts to escalate them; your dedication to keeping on schedule to meet a tough time table; and your cheerful attitude that made dealing with you such a pleasure. Suffice it to say we think you are tops! We are proud to say Our house was built by the Doble & Son.”

-Debra and David Block


 “My wife and I are so pleased that we picked Paul Doble to build our new home. He was there from the beginning, using his creativity and expertise to conceptualize what our home would look like. Then he set out to build our dream home exactly the way we imagined. High quality craftsmanship and material shows up in every detail. We are so proud of our Doble & Son home. If we were to ever build another new home, we would definitely hire Paul Doble.”

 -Joon Bai

“The most important question is: would you use Paul Doble for your project again? The answer would be a definite yes. Good builders are hard to find and once you found one, you don’t need to experiment. Paul is a conscientious builder and will put the customer’s interest ahead of his own interest.” 

-Raj Janal